Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two Sentences Tuesday

The rain was blowing hard from the ocean, coyotes started hauling in the distance; leaning against a rock, with the cliff descending steeply towards the water, Kate wondered whether she'd get out of this place in one piece. Dragging her injured ankle, she tried crawling through uphill through the mud towards the trail, hoping to avoid the fate of her companion, who lay motionless at the shore. 

The Women of Mystery encourage blogging two sentences on Tuesdays. Those are my first two sentences. Maybe, the story leads to something? I cheated a little by using a semicolon.


  1. Oh, dear, things do sound rather dire for poor Kate!

  2. Leah, I don't know, yes. Something is looming in my mind about shady people, using the park for their business. I'll see whether I can continue and make this into a real story.

    Thanks for the interest!

  3. Thanks for joining in this week! Of course you should make it into a real story- it's a crime to waste a great hook!

  4. I am puzzled with the comment moderation. That shows my inexperience with blogspot. Oh well, Clare2e's comment doesn't seem to show up. Clare, I am new to writing, but the comments from you and the others are very encouraging. I'll try to continue contributing to the two sentences, and maybe, the story will in the end become whole.