Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yvonne Eve Walus: Murder @ Work

Neurotic mathematician Christine Chamberlain, working at a consulting agency Pretoria, South Africa day-dreams of killing her boss. She really wants to work and gain recognition as a mathematician, and is thrilled having been invited to a Math conference in Greece based on the research she has been doing in the evenings.
Unfortunately, her boss dies, and Christine is the obvious culprit, since she has shared her sentiments with her coworkers, and had access to the murder weapon. In a hurry, she has to figure out the truth by herself, so that she can attend the conference. To the leading detectives ire, she sticks her nose into everything, and eventually puts the puzzle together, and makes it to the plane.

Entertaining, short, interesting read about South Africa in the late 90s. I like particulary, how she gives us the different perspectives of people of different class and color, demonstrating how insulting it can be, when somebody complains about a small hardship in front of a person that has a much more difficult life, and no choice. 
Why Walus, a mathematician/author from New Zealand, writes about South Africa escapes me, but she obviously knows a lot about the country, and writes engagingly about it, so I am glad she does!  Maybe, I will create a wikipedia article about her, and others can fill in the blanks.


  1. Hi Ursula, thank you for reviewing my book! So glad you liked it.

    To answer your question, I lived in South Africa when I was in my teens and twenties, and I fell in love with the country, which is why I set my novels there.

    I have another book in the series, this one titled "Murder @ Play", also featuring Christine Chamberlain. It's available as an e-book on amazon and as a paperback from Echelon Press.

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    Thanks for commenting! It must have been interesting to grow up in South Africa! I'll definitely read Murder@Play. It still isn't available as paperback, but now Amazon has a Kindle reader for Mac.