Friday, February 4, 2011

Sophie Hannah: The Dead Lie Down

The Dead Lie Down
The book was slow to start, and I was annoyed with that everybody seemed to be so crazy and disfunctional, the police just as much as the people who were talking about murders that apparently didn't even happen.

However, it pulled me in, and I couldn't figure the story (even after glancing over the end), and by the time I managed to read the first half, it actually became interesting and compelling. It helped that after a while, the crazy people became human, as more personal background was revealed.

The story is set in small town Britain, not too far from London. Fascination with art, no, obsession with art, and also with controlling people to the extreme, a lot of damaged personalities, be it through their upbringing or through abuse later in life, make this crime novel interesting.


  1. I liked her first book, Little Face, but I (and many other reviewers) agree that the behaviour of the police in her series is incredible.

  2. Schoen, wieder mal was von dir zu lesen.

  3. Dorte: Thanks, I'll check out the first one!
    Ameli: Ja, ich habe lange nichts geschrieben. Das letzte Jahr ordne ich als verlorenes Jahr ein.